CHAIRMAN's Message

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

If we could first know where we are, and were we are trending, we could then better judge with what to do, and how to do it.We are now far into the 21st year, since the inception of the company, with an avowed object, and a confident promise, of putting an end to pain and suffering of a mortal.

Under the line of prosperity and growth we have not only persevered to grow, but also have constantly augmented ourselves in keeping a vision where decisions were made not because of the fact of likeliness but what in terms of what could have just worked for us.We have always worked on the principle of a “problem” which brings in a new possibility.

Kuljive Mahajan
Chairman Consern Group

MD's Message

"We have tried to do something new and by not doing       what was already old."

The difficulty did not lie so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones. It is this continuous innovation and imagination that helped us in bringing forward an unprecedented levels of achievement in terms of mastery to bring you the best of Innate.

Yet despite our capacity for creativity and imagination, there was very little we actually understood about the creative process. So where do we get the ideas, those spark of insights that drives us forward.

While we might truly understand the nature of creativity and the imagination (at least, not yet) but we still continue to apply ourselves in order to benefit from the rewards that comes from focused concentration and those brief moments of inspiration that hit us like lightning bolt.

        SEEMA  Mahajan
MD Consern Cosmoceuticals     


Our manufacturing & operating environment is expected to change dramatically over the coming years, but our overriding philosophy of placing clients at the heart of everything we do will remain unchanged. As we head towards 2020 and beyond, we will continue to transform ourselves and take on new challenges with the aim of creating a solid operating platform that can deliver consistent growth in any market environment. The key driver behind this is the changes we envisage over the coming years. In India, the growing birth-rate and the young population will continue to force growth, while the global geopolitical landscape shifts significantly as economic growth powers ahead in the rest of Asia. With innovation, conventional wisdom and the way business is conducted could undergo fundamental changes.

Naturally, we cannot accurately predict what the world will be like in ten or twenty years' time. That is why we are looking to lay the foundation for a solid operating platform that can help us sustain growth even under uncertain conditions.

We are already starting to see results, but when we look ahead to 2020 and beyond, we still have a lot of work to do. By leveraging our strengths and transforming ourselves from within, we will continue to take on new challenges to seek growth. Some initiatives may not lead to concrete results in the short term, but I am personally committed to ensuring their contribution to our success over the longer term.

To succeed in the grand strategic transformation which we have embarked on, we must recognize the importance of our existing business. While proceeding with ongoing reform aimed at unifying product development, procurement, production technology and manufacturing, we will be introducing such innovations as robotics, AI and furthering our in-house production capabilities. In sales, our aim is to cultivate highly skilled sales managers, to improve our commercial & institutional platforms, and establish a system that will better enable us to address diverse customer needs. Lastly, we continue our commitment in terms of corporate social responsibility in promoting wellness, not only as an economic opportunity, but also as a social opportunity for all stakeholders involved.

I look into the distant future while bringing in desired changes into us and before we try to bring in the change all around.

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