Welcome to Consern Cosmoceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Consern Cosmoceuticals is the cosmetic division of Consern Pharma Ltd which was established with the vision of serving the customers with premium quality products around two decades back.

Consern Naturals is indulged in bringing people closer to nature by offering them natural beauty and wellness products. Driving on its philosophy of staying close to nature and Ayurveda. CONSERN derives its name from two words  Concern and Serenity.
Consern Cosmoceuticals is synonymous with truth, beauty, exquisiteness, overall verdure and wellness. At Consern, we are committed towards delivering the best natural skin care, hair care and wellness products. By leveraging the organic and wild-crafted rare herbs and age-old beauty secrets, we ensure that we provide our consumers with the products that deliver them a unique tranquillity and soothing effect apart from the beauty and wellness benefits.

Vibrant, radiant and ageless skin is what we aim to achieve by offering a splendid range of skin care products. We have built an unrivalled portfolio of beauty and wellness products which are certain to give you complete skin and body transformation, making you unlikely to return to the skin, hair and wellness products you were using earlier.

Increasing focus on a healthy natural and wholesome lifestyle with a holistic approach towards beauty has been the springboard for the beauty and wellness industry across the globe, and we, at Consern strive to deliver the best range of beauty and wellness products to positively contribute towards this changing lifestyle. In India, the traditional medicine and Ayurveda have always stressed on a healthy mind and soul in a healthy body. We aspire to take this philosophy worldwide by offering beauty and wellness products which have been formulated keeping the principles of Ayurveda in consideration. As per the Indian traditional practices of Ayurveda, internal well-being and flawless beauty are the result of natural eating habits and the close stay with nature. We follow the same philosophy and ensure that our consumers get the most natural and organic products.

We believe in making our clients feel good from the inside and look good on outside while developing a holistic perspective on the wellness. We also seek to contribute towards the preventive care by offering world-class wellness products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading and reputed natural beauty and wellness product providers, and creating wellness solutions essential for a better, harmonious, healthier and safer life for the people worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the potential of nature by harmonizing with it for delivering beauty and wellness solutions which improve the overall quality of life while enhancing the holistic health. By bringing the people close to nature, we seek to achieve success which reflects our focus on innovation, commitment to quality and superior customer service.

Our Values and Strengths

"We strive for total Quality Management for Our Business along with the Work Life of Our Employees"

As an organization which possesses colossal experience in researching, promoting and offering natural beauty and wellness products, we ensure premium quality skin care, hair care and overall well-being for our customers. We emphasize on enduring the trust of our customers and thus, we motivate our employees with some of the exceptional values which include unparalleled performance, harmony with nature and holistic approach towards beauty and wellness.

Stress Free and Friendly Work Culture

We believe that a stress-free workplace can act as the greatest factor for motivation for the employees. Friendly working atmosphere greatly contributes towards improving the overall performance of the employees. We ensure that our employees get a working environment that fosters creative thinking where their thoughts can come to surface. Our compliances are completely indubitable when it comes to foster integrity and stress free work environment for our employees.

Passion for Excellence and Outstanding Performance

Driven by their passion to achieve excellence in the organizational processes, our employees are dedicated towards consistently delivering outstanding performance. We aspire to be recognized as a team of endowed professionals who can make the best use of natural resources to deliver brilliant products.

Participative Decision Making

We believe that participation of all the team members at all levels in distinct decision making processes ensures their commitment towards the decision, thereby, producing better performers. We, by leveraging and promoting participative decision making seek to nurture the constructive ideas from our employees to eventually produce exceptional results. We believe that participative decision making is a force which fuels our top performers on the exclusive path of unmatched leadership.

Concern for Society & Environment

With our drive towards promoting natural and organic products, we ensure that we become an integral part of the green movement. The environment oriented efforts within Consern are based on a holistic approach towards the atmosphere and our milieu, and shall always be a part of our strategies in the present and the future. To express our concern for the nature and to ensure that we are working towards saving our environment, we have initiated several social drives in the last three years, which include Water War in the year 2013, Stop Elderly Abuse in year 2014, Save Birds in the year 2015.

The major areas of our focus subsume resource efficiency, energy efficiency, environment protection and the people's wellness. We aspire to build an industry leading competence while working hand-in-hand with our environment.

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